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Lose centimetres permanently with DETOXBODY

The DETOXBODY programmes have been especially developed to make it possible for everyone to lose weight in a healthy way and to lose centimetres at a pace that corresponds to the predetermined goals. Depending on your weight, you choose your personalised programme.

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Non-surgical liposuction

This scientifically proven Low Level Laser Therapy is a method based on light technology that targets fat cells, resulting in instantly measurable results. 

Fast, safe and easy

Combined with the right diet and lifestyle, DETOXBODY is the way to safely and quickly reduce your desired number of kilos and centimetres.

100% customer satisfaction

Developed by nutrition experts, the DETOXBODY programmes owe their success to technology. The combination of both guarantees you a 100% customer satisfaction. 


DETOXBODY is a revolutionary way to easily reduce excess fat in places where it is difficult to lose fat quickly. A session runs as follows: 

1. Body analysis

First of all, the composition of your body is measured (fat and lean mass, water content, etc.) with a professional measuring device. Based on the measurement and your weight, the right DETOXBODY programme will be chosen for you. The results of these measurements are stored and compared during the next DETOXBODY session. 

2. Lipo-Laser & Andullation

The Lipo-Laser breaks down fat cells into water and lipids. Thanks to Andullation technology and enhanced lymphatic drainage, waste products are drained from the body. It is precisely the combination of these technologies that provides an accelerated way to lose weight. 

Lipo-Laser treatment

The laser beams of the Lipo-Laser deeply penetrate the fat cells and convert the fat into glycerol, free fatty acids and water that exit through the cell wall through the pores. This treatment is safe and completely painless.

The effect of the Lipo-Laser on fat cells

1. Fat cells at rest


2. Laser beams penetrate and stimulate fat cells


3. Laser beams create pores in the cell wall through which the cell's contents escape


4. Glycerol, free fatty acids and water pass between fat cells


5. Excess water enters the lymphatic system and is drained from the body


6. Fat cells shrunk significantly


Combined with the right nutrition plans and a healthy lifestyle, DETOXBODY ensures unparalleled and fast results. Experience it for yourself and request your free trial treatment at one of the participating DETOXBODY centres. 

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The DETOXBODY programmes are specifically designed to make it possible for everyone, both men and women, to lose weight in a healthy way and to lose centimetres in a given time frame.

Enter your weight and find out which programme suits you best. 

  • 2x Consultations
  • 3x Body analyses
  • 3x Body measurements
  • 8x DETOXBODY sessions
Weight loss -2 to -5 KG -2 to -5 KG
Loss of cm -15 to -25 CM -15 to -25 CM
For women between 55 – 65 Kg For men between 65 – 75 Kg
  • 3x Consultations
  • 3x Body analyses
  • 3x Body measurements
  • 12x DETOXBODY sessions
Weight loss -4 to -7 KG -4 to -7 KG
Loss of cm -23 to -35 CM -23 to -35 CM
For women between 65 – 80 Kg For men between 75 – 90 Kg
  • 4x Consultations
  • 4x Body analyses
  • 4x Body measurements
  • 20x DETOXBODY sessions
Weight loss -7 to -15 KG -7 to -15 KG
Loss of cm -35 to -55 CM -35 to -55 CM
For women between 75 – 90 Kg For men between 85 – 95 Kg
  • 8x Consultations
  • 6x Body analyses
  • 6x Body measurements
  • 40x DETOXBODY sessions
Weight loss -15 to -20 KG -15 to -20 KG
Loss of cm -55 to -75 CM -55 to -75 CM
For women between 90 – 120 Kg For men between 95 – 130 Kg


8000+ Lipo-Laser sessions
2000+ Kilos lost
850+ Happy customers
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It is time to love yourself again.
Be active again
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Feel healthy again
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Experience for yourself without obligation how to reduce centimetres and kilos safely, quickly and easily.

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