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hhp obtains your consent to name the sender, hhp informs you in advance that material provided for a specific part of this website or the information is published under your name, or if legal provisions so require.

Worldwide validity
Information and images posted by hhp on the World Wide Web may contain cross-references or information on products and services that may not be available in your country. Such references do not set out the intention that hhp will or intends to offer these products, programs or services in your country.

hhp’s obligations with regard to its products are limited without exception to the extent agreed under contract. If you obtain a product from hhp via this website without entering into an additional agreement, you acquire the product or service ‘as is’. This means that there is no warranty or guarantee for this item (neither express nor implied) and use is at your own risk.

Business relationships
hhp provides no guarantees, assurances or warranties for other websites you are able to access via hhp websites. If you access a non-hhp website, it is an open website, over the content of which hhp has no control. This also applies where the website may contain the hhp logo. In addition, a link from the hhp website to another does not mean that we support its content or identify ourselves with it. We regard it as a matter for the visitor to the hhp internet site to ensure that applications it uses are free from worms, viruses, Trojan Horses or other items of a destructive nature.

Under no circumstances is hhp liable to you or third parties for any direct, indirect, specific or other consequential losses resulting from the use of hhp or linked websites. Also excluded is any liability for lost profit, interruptions to operations, loss of programs or other data in your IT systems. This also applies if we have pointed out the possibility of such losses.

All information is made available by hhp ‘as is’. hhp neither explicitly nor implicitly provides a guarantee or warranty that the information made available performs a specific purpose, can be marketed, or breaches intellectual property rights. hhp may amend these terms and conditions by updating this document.

By using the hhp site you state your agreement with any amendments. In view of this you should visit this website on a regular basis in order to familiarise yourself with the current terms and conditions.

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Any reproduction, editing, distribution and other type of exploitation requires the prior written consent of hhp international s.a.r.l..

Some content on this website is subject to third-party copyright and is used as part of this offer with express permission.

‘Trial treatment’ terms and conditions of use

Item provided
During a ‘trial treatment’ (short-term use), hhp international s.a.r.l. provides the customer with an ANDUMEDIC® System together with accessories for a price. The aim of the ‘trial treatment’ is to allow the customer to test the form of therapy and familiarise itself with the ANDUMEDIC® System.

Extent of use
The customer undertakes to take particular care when using the ANDUMEDIC® System. The customer is liable for any damage resulting from the incorrect operation of the ANDUMEDIC® System. This also applies where the ANDUMEDIC® System is lost or returned incomplete.

hhp international s.a.r.l. is to be notified immediately as soon as damage occurs to the ANDUMEDIC® System. Damage caused by incorrect use is to be made good at the customer’s expense.

After the ‘trial treatment’ has ended the customer is to return the ANDUMEDIC® to hhp international s.a.r.l.. hhp international s.a.r.l. is entitled, even during the trial treatment, to ask for the ANDUMEDIC® System to be returned at any time. In this event, costs are reimbursed proportionately. The customer has no right of retention.

Defect-free handover
hhp international s.a.r.l. is to be notified by the customer within 48 hours of receipt of defects with the ANDUMEDIC® System. Where there is no notification, the ANDUMEDIC® System is regarded as defect-free and complete.


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